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pdf Ditching Operations on Linden Road in Vienna Township 06-24-2020
pdf Limestone Resurfacing on Ray Road in Mundy Township 06-25-2020
pdf Maintenance Operations on Lewis Road in Thetford Township 06-25-2020
pdf Crack Seal Operations continue on Pierson Road 06-23-2020
pdf Milling Operations on Potter Road in Clayton Township 06-24-2020
pdf Revised Paving Operations at Mundy Township Intersection 06-24-2020
pdf Paving Operations at Mundy Township Intersection 06-23-2020
pdf Paving Operations on Alcott Avenue in Genesee Township 06-22-2020
pdf Crack Seal Operations on Wiggins Road in Fenton Township 06-19-2020.pdf
pdf Crack Seal Operations continue on Bristol and Porter Roads 06-19-2020.pdf
pdf Paving and Shoulder project on Henderson Road in Davison Township 06-22-2020.pdf
pdf Milling and Paving on Lippincott Blvd in Davison Township 06-23-2020.pdf
pdf Paving Operations at Sharp Road Intersectio in Mundy Township 06-18-2020.pdf
pdf Shoulder Maintenance on Webster Road in Vienna Township 06-19-2020.pdf
pdf Maintenance Operations in Richfield Township 06-18-2020
pdf Limestone Resurfacing on Farrand Road in Forest Township 06-18-2020
pdf Shoulder Maintenance on Dodge Road in Vienna Township 06-17-2020
pdf Paving Operations on Old Linden Road in Fenton Township 06-17-2020
pdf Shoulder Maintenance in Vienna Township 06-16-2020
pdf Notice of Conference Call Format Only Board Meeting June 16, 2020