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About the Genesee County Road Commission

The Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) has served the road needs of Genesee County for more than 100 years. The GCRC operates and maintains approximately 1,600 miles of roads in Genesee County, 811 miles of roads under contract with MDOT, and over 250 signalized intersections. It oversees 7 maintenance facilities and serves 17 Genesee County Townships.


Genesee County Board of Road Commissioners

The Genesee County Board of Road Commissioners is composed of five Board Members who are appointed by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners. They serve staggered six year terms. The Commissioners serve as an oversight board that governs the GCRC. The Board as a group provides policy, future vision, and fiscal oversight. Michigan law specifies that a Board of County Road Commissioners “shall act as an administrative board only and the function of the board shall be limited to the formulation of policy and the performance of duties imposed by law and delegated by the board of county commissioners.”


Managing Director

Appointed by the Genesee County Board of Road Commissioners to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer that manages all activities and departments of the GCRC. The Managing Director makes recommendations concerning policies and assists in the development and implementation of procedures for all departments. Provides general leadership and direction to the Genesee County Board of Road Commissioners. Develops long term and short-term goals, objectives, strategies and utilizes comprehensive planning. Serves as spokesperson for the GCRC Board of Commissioners on matters of established policies or preliminary program development. Serves as liaison with local, state and federal agencies. Supervises all functions including project planning and development, engineering, road and bridge maintenance, fiscal management and budget control, union labor relations, contract negotiations, and human resource management. Implements policies formulated by the commission on classification, compensation, disbursements, qualifications, transactions, and conditions of employment. The Managing Director promulgates regulations to supplement and further implement GCRC Rules.


GCRC Departments

The Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) has many internal departments with unique responsibilities in meeting the operational and administrative needs of its overall operations.