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Equal Opportunity Plan



The Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) requires that all of its vendors, suppliers and contractors maintain equal employment opportunities for all of its employees. These guidelines have been developed to promote equal employment, and to encourage a diversified work force through hiring, promotion and compensation. The following must be complied with to maintain a relationship as a vendor, supplier or contractor.  

1. Develop a written Equal Employment Opportunity Statement for your Company. The policy must include the following statement: “It is the policy of (insert your company’s name here) to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons, and prohibit discrimination in employment practices because of race, creed, color, sex, age or national origin, and to promote equal employment by increasing minority employment.”  

2. An employee must be appointed from your Company to act as the Equal Employment Opportunity representative and to serve as a contact to the GCRC for any inquiries regarding EEO matters. Indicate the name, position, address and telephone number of your EEO representative.   

3. In your EEO plan, identify procedures that will assure non-discrimination by your Company regarding (a) recruitment (b) hiring © training (d) placement and promotion (e) compensation (f) demotion, layoff and termination, and (g) subcontracting.   

4. Complete the attached Employment Profile Form.   

5. If your employees are represented by a union, indicate what agreements you have with the union regarding your equal employment opportunity program.   

6. Please provide copies of any affirmative action program, equal employment opportunity policies and compliance forms (EEO-1) that may have been required as part of a contract with any other government entity. Please attach these as part of your response to this request.   

7. If you have been found guilty at any time of a violation of federal or state civil rights laws concerning employment practices, please provide a written statement as to the nature and resolution of such case(s). If you are currently under a court order or consent judgment regarding employment practices, please provide a copy with your response.   

8. This Equal Employment Opportunity Statement must be signed by your company’s President or their designee. 

9. If you have any questions regarding the Genesee County Road Commission EEO Plan process or instructions, please contact our Human Resources Department at (810) 767-4920.   

10. Please submit your completed EEO Plan forms by mail or fax to the following:

Genesee County Road Commission
Human Resources Department
211 W. Oakley Street
Flint, Michigan 48503
Phone: (810) 767-4920
Fax: (810) 767-7459


pdf Equal Employment Opportunity Form (89 KB)